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Beyond Newtown

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

We all know we can’t prevent 100% of these types of events from happening again, but that is no excuse to not act or be disingenuous.  A best effort needs to be put forward.  We must act swiftly – with honesty, courage and strong will.

Before I get to the individual items, I want to put forth a theory.  I strongly believe that it will be decided that first person shooter (FPS) video games in addition to a psychological disorder were the ultimate cause of this massacre.  In addition, I think it may be possible that a deep-rooted memory of being made fun of etc. as a child in the school played a role.  It’s a possibility also that children were the main targets because they would be easier to attack than adults, resulting in a higher level of “kills.”  I in no way intend to be insensitive with the previous sentence, particularly the word “kills.”  I am only relating the event to how it would be referred to in a video game.  I really did not want to write that sentence because it seems so impersonal and insensitive, but in the end I deemed it necessary.

Here are the areas that I believe deserve our focus:

  • I know first hand that played often enough FPS games can actually skew reality for a person, if only for a brief moment.  We need to control the sale and distribution of these games in the same way we do pornography.  Additionally, parents need to take a bigger role in controlling access to this material.
  • If you add any mental condition that would affect a person’s conscience, ability to judge right from wrong or perception of reality you multiply the FPS games’ negative effects.


this is a post in progress and will be continued herein…

Remembering Newtown

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I really wasn’t sure what, if anything, I would write about it.  So much to feel, so much to think.  And if I did decide to write something, what would be the deciding factor?

It didn’t take long, one day.

I was just going through some news lines.  There was just a small quote, buried in some random article.  I don’t remember who it was, other than a citizen of Newton.  Nor do I remember the exact words, but I remember what she wanted to know – do the rest of you feel like us, or is this just another headline you’ll forget in a day?

We feel and will not forget.

Personally, I have not felt such sorrow, emptiness and longing since 9/11.

I feel the fear of the young victims and witnesses.  That hurts me the most.  So, so much taken away.  It’s a cliche to say their innocence was taken, but what better to say it?  Go watch a 6 year old for an hour.

I feel the fear, anger and despair of the parents who heard of the massacre and rushed over only to have to wait, wait, wait… I feel the utter sickness, torment and grief of a parent who to ID the child by a photograph, wanting so badly to see the child in person.  I feel the blunt force memory battering a mother or father’s mind… what did I last say to my child, when did I last touch my child, when did I last tell her that I loved her?  I feel the anger of knowing the killer is gone, and along with him quite possibly the true answer.  Why did you do this?  Why an innocent child?  Why twenty innocent children?  I feel the silence of a home where there was a single child.  I feel the fatigue of many sleepless nights, perhaps sleeping on the floor next to a child’s now empty bed.  I feel the stress begin to lead to anger and short tempers between a husband and wife… an argument… only for both to break down in tears again in each others arms.

To be  continued.

Self-imposed Exile

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Well, obviously it’s been few and far between for the Burn.  It was an intentional decision.  I figured that I’d step outside of it all for a while, especially during the election.  Sometimes it’s best to stop, look around and maybe re-evaluate your point of reference.

Given that it’s “the season” I just wanted chime back in with an uplifting story.  The Texans’ wide receiver Andre Johnson is a class act.  Check out what he’s done for these kids.  And in case you missed the details, I’ll tell you that it said that in the short time they had, each of the kids picked out stuff not just for themselves but for others as well.  Here’s to the good old spirit of giving…


Welcome Home

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Today the last of the troops have left Iraq.  I would to take this opportunity to welcome them home to their country and loved ones.  Your service is under appreciated by too many but remember that you are never forgotten.  It saddens me that our economy became the #1 issue to people when we have fellow volunteer Americans dying every day in wars.  You lost a job, someone else lost a father, mother, son or daughter.  How does that stack up?

I would also like to thank President Obama for sticking to President Bush’s timeline and getting the troops out of there as planned.  It is unfortunate that the troops’ stay was as long as it was.  If it had been done right, Mr. Rumsfeld would have been released in 2004, we would have had a surge when we originally needed it and our troops would have been gone by summer 2004.

I Built It To Tear It Down

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I want to build a city.  It’s not going to happen but it’s a thought experiment.   There will be more posts to follow, and a new category dedicated to this topic.  This will be fun.

A Great Success Story

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Miss South Carolina lost 110 pounds prior to her title.  What a great story that so many other Americans should pay attention to.  She worked her butt off (figuratively and literally) and is reaping the rewards.

So those 2/3 of you Americans who are over weight (and especially the 1/3 of you who are obese), get out there.   Move more and eat less.  Keep it up until you’re over the hump and you find yourself sticking to it.  Love it and suck it up when someone asks you if you’ve lost weight or tells you how good you look.  Let that fuel you even more.  Burn it!  Let it rub off on those around you.  Spread the disease!  Let’s put an end to each generation weighing more than the last!

Things Not To Say

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

We’ve all said things that we wish we had not.  Likewise, we’ve heard things that we wish we had not.  For instance, if you’re a nurse and you’ve got a needle stuck in someone’s vein, saying “I was afraid that would happen” is probably not the wisest thing to blurb out.  Even if it’s just because a piece of gauze dropped to the floor.

A Tale Of Two Martyrs

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

On the one hand you have Mr. Osama bin Laden.  You probably know the scoop on him.  If you’ve ever read his fatwa then you really the details on his cause.  If you haven’t read it before, you probably should (link).  I should read it again now that he is in fact a martyr for so many.

On the other hand, I’d like for you to consider one Mr. Dave Duerson.  Most likely you don’ t know who he was.  Duerson was a star player of the Chicago Bears for several years, including their 1985 Super Bowl win.  On February 17, 2011 Duerson shot himself to death.

The interesting part is, he did it as a selfless act to try to save lives.

Duerson purposely shot himself in the chest instead of his head because he wanted his brain examined.  He firmly believed that his brain had sustained traumatic injury from all the blows he had taken during his football years.  It turns out that he was correct in that belief (link).  One can only hope that this man’s ultimate sacrifice was not in vein.

Stacking It Up

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

So, we just had the worst day of the year for stocks (down 280 points).  Home prices have reached their lowest level since that bubble burst.  Unemployment is 8.7 unless it goes up even further in two days.  Gas is still leaning toward $4/gallon.  We’re still fighting three wars.

I hate to say it but it’s not looking too good.

I’d say one big event in the next six months could really bring us down.  They’re saying hurricane season looks to be a pretty active one (although we’ve all heard that before).  It’s the ten year anniversary of 9/11, prime time for terrorism if you ask me.  What else?  Who knows.

As the song goes, “Y’all ready for this?”


Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Oh, you whiny people.  Here we go again.  All these people complaining about the price of gas.  Funny how so many of the people they interview in the news articles are driving a brand new SUV or full size pickup.  What did you expect, to not pay $80 to fill up your tank at some point?  To not have to fill it up once a week knowing it only gets 12 miles per gallon?  “I can’t afford this gas with cable TV in every room, $80/month smart phones, video games and a  1000 square foot per person house to pay for.”  Give me a break.  Americans have such short memories.  Remember that run on fuel efficient vehicles the last time this happened?  And then as soon as gas prices retreated, dealer lots were loaded up and stuck with those same vehicles as trade-ins!

Finally, why are these gas prices so high with the Obama administration in office?  I thought that high gas prices were the result of republican greed and market control?  Why is the media not harping on this?

Ha ha ha.  You’re busted.  All of you.