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Why Do We Not Insist On Getting What We Pay For?

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

So in 2013 we were supposed to see about a 75% increase in hurricane activity. Turns out there was virtually no activity (link). If they can’t get any where near correctly predicting this (and 2013 was certainly not the only year they were off), why do so many believe it when they are told of man-made global warming (MMGW), which is much harder to prove than predicting a hurricane season’s activity? This is especially puzzling to me when it’s publicly stated that there is no proof, only at best only a “consensus” (which, my friends, has no place in science as science deals in theories and laws).

Yet, on the other hand, we have tangible things such as chemical leaks into bodies of water, like West Virginia. What happened is known, who did it is known. And yet, the story washed away quicker than contaminants in a source of drinking water. So why then, for something that is known to happen for known reasons (the exact opposite of MMGW) is this not addressed in the media or political circles any where near the level of MMGW?

There’s No Bias In The Media! -wink wink-

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Oh, John Edwards.  Surprise, it all happened to be true!  You’ve even been charged with crimes, how true does that make it?  But wait, it really wasn’t a surprise, was it?

The whole time you built up your run for the presidency the media completely sat on this story that they knew to be true.  And yet, there was a tiny, unproven rumor that McCain had some sort of cozy relationship with a lobbyist.  Somehow this bit of nothing made it out there.  A bit picky-choosy in the media, aren’t we?

It’s Time To Bring Them Home

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

OBL is gone.  Let’s get our people out of Afghanistan.  I’m calling the media out on this one.  They need to bring the war’s end to the forefront.

There is no reason for one more American life to be lost in this war.  There is no reason for any more American blood, sweat or tears to be wasted on this war.  There is no reason for any more American money to be spent on this war.

It’s disgusting to me that I have not heard one single peep from anyone in the media as to why OBL’s death does not signify the end of this war.

No more talk on the economy.  No more talk on the 2012 election.  No more talk on Israel.  No more talk on floods.  No more talk on politicians’ and other leaders’ philandering.  No more talk on celebrities behaving badly.  No more celebration of mediocrity.  No more business as usual for the US media.  Not until you’ve done your part on ending this war.


Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Oh, you whiny people.  Here we go again.  All these people complaining about the price of gas.  Funny how so many of the people they interview in the news articles are driving a brand new SUV or full size pickup.  What did you expect, to not pay $80 to fill up your tank at some point?  To not have to fill it up once a week knowing it only gets 12 miles per gallon?  “I can’t afford this gas with cable TV in every room, $80/month smart phones, video games and a  1000 square foot per person house to pay for.”  Give me a break.  Americans have such short memories.  Remember that run on fuel efficient vehicles the last time this happened?  And then as soon as gas prices retreated, dealer lots were loaded up and stuck with those same vehicles as trade-ins!

Finally, why are these gas prices so high with the Obama administration in office?  I thought that high gas prices were the result of republican greed and market control?  Why is the media not harping on this?

Ha ha ha.  You’re busted.  All of you.

The Truth Unmosqued

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Obama’s got it right on this one.  There should be nothing blocking the build of a mosque at Ground Zero.  It’s the hard truth, but the truth nonetheless.  But, there is a real travesty.

See, it’s been almost nine years since those great Americans started cleaning up the The Pile and they cleaned it up in an amazingly short period of time.  We came together and got it done.  Then it all went to shit.   The travesty is of course the fact that here we are so many years later and we have yet to replace the downed towers.  In a sick twist which I cannot understand at all, rarely do you ever hear this brought up at all.  We can’t even get the memorial built!  What the fuck is wrong with us?

How can we look at ourselves in the mirror and bitch about this mosque being built when we don’t even care enough to get done with the Freedom Tower?  When we don’t even care enough to pull our shit together and build a memorial to those who died that day?  People are saying the mosque is a disgrace to those who died on 9/11.  I ask, how is it not an even greater disgrace that we as Americans cannot – will not – work together to build a simple memorial in an acceptable period of time to those who died?

Let them build the mosque.  Hopefully it will light the fire under the asses of whoever it is that is holding up the tower and the memorial.  They’re the ones disgracing the deceased.

Hard Press

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Below are a few things that you will be hard pressed to find the press reporting on.  I’ll leave it up to you as to decide why.

  • Gasoline is hovering around $3.00/gallon.   A couple years back this was causing outrage and conspiracy theories were abound.
  • Unemployment is hovering in the upper 9% range.   A couple years back 6-7 percent was big time news.
  • Large companies are sitting on greater cash stockpiles since the great recession than they did before it hit.  A couple years back, everybody wanted all big-time CEOs strung up from the rafters.
  • The war is still going on in Iraq.  A couple years back this war was addressed on a daily basis and called things like “another Viet Nam” or “quagmire.”


Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Sorry to see him gone from CNN.    He was one of the few worthwhile characters over there.  We need more of his type of media personality, not less.

Lou, I guess they could no longer handle your independent views.  Your gripes with illegal immigration and (lack of) border control are spot on but in this politically correct world those views just won’t stand, especially within a left-leaning organization.  It’s very respectable that you stuck to your guns and I can only hope that you continue to do so.


Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Credit due to Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia.  He wrote up bill (HR 2175) which if passed would prohibit any ED commercials from appearing on television between the hours of 6am and 10pm.  There will be those that claim that this is too much government intrusion, that the “gubmint” should not be parenting our children.   Forget that, these commercials are out of hand and in our faces constantly.  And we know it’s all about the money the companies are making off of guys 18 to 88 (well, let’s hope that is the upper limit… that’s scary enough) if they truly need these drugs or not.  Mr. Moran, why not go all the way and introduce a bill to ban any and all prescription drug commercials?  Again I ask, why are the United States and New Zealand the only nations that allow these types of commercials?