Beyond Newtown

We all know we can’t prevent 100% of these types of events from happening again, but that is no excuse to not act or be disingenuous.  A best effort needs to be put forward.  We must act swiftly – with honesty, courage and strong will.

Before I get to the individual items, I want to put forth a theory.  I strongly believe that it will be decided that first person shooter (FPS) video games in addition to a psychological disorder were the ultimate cause of this massacre.  In addition, I think it may be possible that a deep-rooted memory of being made fun of etc. as a child in the school played a role.  It’s a possibility also that children were the main targets because they would be easier to attack than adults, resulting in a higher level of “kills.”  I in no way intend to be insensitive with the previous sentence, particularly the word “kills.”  I am only relating the event to how it would be referred to in a video game.  I really did not want to write that sentence because it seems so impersonal and insensitive, but in the end I deemed it necessary.

Here are the areas that I believe deserve our focus:

  • I know first hand that played often enough FPS games can actually skew reality for a person, if only for a brief moment.  We need to control the sale and distribution of these games in the same way we do pornography.  Additionally, parents need to take a bigger role in controlling access to this material.
  • If you add any mental condition that would affect a person’s conscience, ability to judge right from wrong or perception of reality you multiply the FPS games’ negative effects.


this is a post in progress and will be continued herein…

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