Why Do We Not Insist On Getting What We Pay For?

So in 2013 we were supposed to see about a 75% increase in hurricane activity. Turns out there was virtually no activity (link). If they can’t get any where near correctly predicting this (and 2013 was certainly not the only year they were off), why do so many believe it when they are told of man-made global warming (MMGW), which is much harder to prove than predicting a hurricane season’s activity? This is especially puzzling to me when it’s publicly stated that there is no proof, only at best only a “consensus” (which, my friends, has no place in science as science deals in theories and laws).

Yet, on the other hand, we have tangible things such as chemical leaks into bodies of water, like West Virginia. What happened is known, who did it is known. And yet, the story washed away quicker than contaminants in a source of drinking water. So why then, for something that is known to happen for known reasons (the exact opposite of MMGW) is this not addressed in the media or political circles any where near the level of MMGW?

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