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The Man(ning)

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Farewell for now, Peyton Manning.  I am no sports guru, but in my opinion you’re the greatest QB ever.  There’s so much more to you than stats, but those alone put you right up at the top.  The other stuff puts you far beyond the others.  For those who can’t see beyond the stats, there’s no use explaining.

You’re one of the few athletes that just blow the rest away.  There’s no reason you should not be NFL man-o-the-year 2011 even though you never played a game.  Look at the results without you.  There’s no denying it, it’s obvious what your absence resulted in.

We may never know if it was your choice to leave, you don’t seem the type to spill the beans to the public.  Yeah, it’s a complicated situation.  Loyalty, camaraderie, the bottom line, reputations, egos, goals, contracts… possibly much more.  My only thought is, I hope it was your choice and not theirs.  But I’ve seen fools and their ways.  We all know how corporations are nowadays.

We’ll all see you soon in whatever capacity it may be.  It’s just a guess but I think you’ll be as cool and down to earth as ever in whatever gig you choose.  Not a fan of the Vols.   Not a fan of the Colts.  But always a fan of the Man.


Sunday, May 16th, 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio.  We’re off to the…

Rock on!

Dancing With The Deadbeats

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Kate Gosselin, you should be ashamed of yourself.  I hope you remember back fondly on these days.  Don’t be surprised if your kids are porn stars and dope fiends ten years from now.  You and your ex are quite the works of art.  Poster children art for child protective services actually.


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

So the TV series Lost is coming to an end.   I think I missed the first two seasons but I have watched it the last several years.  I am going to take a shot and express what I think the whole concept is actually revolving around.

I believe that Jack, in the real world/real time, is under hypnosis.  I think that he is under hypnosis because it is being used as a treatment for a deep, unresolved emotional conflict.  The conflict is between him and his father, who he has been at odds with and trying to live up to his whole life.

In the “Lost” realm, there will be a final confrontation between two factions and each side is currently recruiting people for their side.  I believe this to be a reflection of how it was in the real world, with Jack feeling that he had to fight for everyone’s belief in him solely because of his insecurity resulting from how his father viewed him.  I am not sure how the actual characters fit into Jack’s and his father’s real lives and what roles they played.  I suppose that there remains the possibility that they did not exist as actual people in the real world, but are figments of Jack’s imagination in the hypnosis.

One side is led by Jack and the other is led by the man-in-black who took over John Locke’s body (and this entity is actually Jack’s father).  In effect, this is a final showdown in Jack’s psyche over his feelings regarding his father.  If Jack’s hypnosis is successful, it will result in a resolution of the emotional conflict between Jack and his father (and the confrontation in the “Lost” realm will be reflective of that) that is in Jack’s psyche.

I believe that John Locke is in place of his father because John Locke in the real world was the last person that Jack operated on.  I believe this operation was a failure, possibly resulting in John Locke’s death or further injury.  As a result, either John Locke (if he survives surgery but is further injured) or (if John dies) someone close to John goes off on Jack about his failure to fix John’s paralysis.  In Jack’s mind this event reinforces his father’s view of him that he is not good enough.

This causes Jack to break.  At this point he seeks therapy, begins hypnosis and the whole “Lost” story takes place in his head/psyche.  One of the final events will be the real world/real time Jack taken out of hypnosis after he experiences the confrontation in the “Lost” realm and we will find out if his emotional conflict is resolved.

Late Night (Civil) Wars

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

A satisfactory outcome would be for Leno and O’Brien to ditch NBC and go somewhere else.  That would be a good blow to the joke that is the GE\NBC\Comcast regime.  I don’t watch either of them – Ferguson puts them both to shame – but if I were them I would be thinking what good is a half hour show for Leno and how could O’Brien not be completely peeved?

The Best Commercial On TV Right Now

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Proving it right here <—–

AIC – Last Of My Kind

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Desert landscape.  Look to the sky.

To the left a storm approaches.  Spastic lightening.  Brooding clouds, gray and red in the setting sun.

To the right a buzzard circles.  Sets its target and begins descent.

Buzzard rips warm flesh from bone and gets his fill.

Buzzard flies off into darkening clouds.

Grunge defined.

What’s With The New Vocal Style?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The one where the singer sounds like he ate a five pound burrito with too much processed cheese, hasn’t had any fiber for a week and is singing from the toilet?  You know, the Nickelback/Theory Of A Dead Man sound.  I address them as a single entity as it must be the same lead singer, right?  There’s no way that more than one person would have actually been coached into that vocal style.  If you’re really straining that much while singing, maybe it’s time to give it up.

(Cold)played Out

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Stole the voice from Bono.  Stole the music from Satriani.  Stole the outfits from The Beatles.  Why do they love you so?