The Man(ning)

Farewell for now, Peyton Manning.  I am no sports guru, but in my opinion you’re the greatest QB ever.  There’s so much more to you than stats, but those alone put you right up at the top.  The other stuff puts you far beyond the others.  For those who can’t see beyond the stats, there’s no use explaining.

You’re one of the few athletes that just blow the rest away.  There’s no reason you should not be NFL man-o-the-year 2011 even though you never played a game.  Look at the results without you.  There’s no denying it, it’s obvious what your absence resulted in.

We may never know if it was your choice to leave, you don’t seem the type to spill the beans to the public.  Yeah, it’s a complicated situation.  Loyalty, camaraderie, the bottom line, reputations, egos, goals, contracts… possibly much more.  My only thought is, I hope it was your choice and not theirs.  But I’ve seen fools and their ways.  We all know how corporations are nowadays.

We’ll all see you soon in whatever capacity it may be.  It’s just a guess but I think you’ll be as cool and down to earth as ever in whatever gig you choose.  Not a fan of the Vols.   Not a fan of the Colts.  But always a fan of the Man.

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