Xtal Xero

The first attempt was shortly after the dawn of man.  They came from wherever it is they come from and plucked a few of us from the pickings.  I say “they” because we still don’t know who they are or what they are.  I’ll just refer to them as “The Crystalline” from here on out.  Man was just recently bipedal and still communicating in grunts and groans.  As if man wasn’t going through enough changes at the time, they were introducing yet another change.  Or, like I said, they at least were attempting to.

Although none of us are quite sure why, we pretty much assume that their ultimate goal was (and in fact, still is) to control of the human race.  We aren’t sure why they want to control us - maybe make us personal slaves, maybe make us soldiers to conquer other worlds.  Then again, it doesn’t really matter.  Our mission is to stop them from controlling us so that we never have to find out why they want to in the first place.  How were they to control us?  Well, that has something to do with the “first attempt” I mentioned previously.
The link between us and them was to be what some have called “the third eye.”  Their first attempt was purely biological, and very crude.  In fact, it was mostly mutilation of early man.  Once the eye was implanted, they had hoped that over time it would evolve and become part of us.  That’s why they snatched us up early.  But, it didn’t quite work out for them.  Over time, the third eye didn’t make the cut in evolution’s great scheme of things.  So, lucky for us, it was a great failure.  It lasted for a good while, though.  You can still see stories of those humans who at least partially evolved with The Crystalline's implanted third eye if you look at ancient Egyptian paintings and the work of other ancient cultures.  Although today there is no outward presence of this third eye, we each still have the remnants of it – the pineal gland (if you don't believe that's still part of us, look it up for yourself and be awakened!).

Actually, I should correct myself.  There is but one remaining human with a vestige of a third eye.  And that’s me.  But that’s the second attempt they made.
Fast-forward to 1991.  The war with Iraq was in full swing.  I was there from day one in January flying sorties near the Kuwait border.  On the tenth day The Crystalline tore me from my F-16, while in flight, and as far as the Air Force is concerned I’m still MIA.  The Crystalline took me due to my excellent physical condition and perfect eyesight, the latter of which plays into the whole third eye thing.  They got me all hooked up for their “modification.”  Things were a bit different this time.  Their technology and science had advanced quite a good deal since their first attempt.  No longer did their “third eye” actually resemble an eye.  Now it had taken on more of a sterile, mechanized form.  Again, I’ll probably never understand how they expected this thing to work but all I know is that it’s some sort of crystal.  Somehow it functions via light waves and particles.  That’s where their little saying comes into play, “You can’t see the light, but the light let’s you see.”  Yeah, it was meant to let you see the world as they want you to see it.  Obviously, it wasn’t purely a biological implant anymore either.  I think it’s safe to say that their knowledge of nanotech, superconductivity and whatever else we can only dream of is far beyond what the human race has just started to tinker with.  Their biggest advantage with this new & improved “eye” is that it’s fully functional once implanted.  They don’t have to rely on nature to take its course and for us to evolve along with the implant for thousands of years before it becomes functional.  Now, I say that it’s immediately functional once implanted, but the truth is that this new crystal eye is not functioning to the extent that they expected it to.
This crystal mod was supposed to be a full communications/control link between myself and The Crystalline.  It didn’t turn out to be quite as effective as they had planned.  Shortly after they set me free the control link failed and I “awoke” in some suburb of Dallas.   I had full recollection of everything that I had been through, and still had a communication link with them, but they had lost all ability to control me.  Bad news for them, good news for the human race.  As far The Crystalline know, I am still under their control.  I plan to keep it that way until I defeat them or perish.  I walk the streets not off the grid, but between the two grids - that of  humanity and that of our enemy.  The great paradox is that I exist only to ensure my existence... and yours.

I really have no idea if there were others after me.  All I know is that I was the first.  Being as though I was the prototype, The Crystalline referred to me as Crystal version zero, or Crystal 0 (Crystal zero) for short.  On the streets however, I go by a slightly different name...

I am Xtal Xero.