Still Burning

Ah, people, I am still here.  Yet another self-imposed exile.  So much Burn.  Too much Burn?  I’m not torched yet.  Just thinking back on what we’ve been through the last six months… wow.  Hard to believe it’s only been about six months.  It really seems like everything is burning, not only nationally but right down to our own localities.  Man, do I sometimes get tired of paying attention to all of it.

There is so much absence of backbone at all levels of government anymore that nothing of any good consequence seems to get done.  Of course, I mean good consequence for the common man.  We all know that there are those that benefit from the few things that do actually get done, it’s just that they aren’t the stated recipients.  Five years ago I thought maybe I was being naive or jumping the gun on thoughts like that, but five years later the common man is still in the same boat (yeah, it’s still floating – just barely – we should be happy, right?).  And, for the majority, we just sit by and watch it all happen.  I really wonder what percentage of people has ever reached out to any of their representatives on any level.  So many people just running their mouths behind their keyboard or phone.  Ugh, seems to me such a conundrum.  You got a bunch of supposedly pissed off people on all sides, yet they put up no real fight.  Are we all such masochists in need of the Burn?


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