Remembering Newtown 2

I could probably go on a lot longer with what the parents are going through.  But, I feel I need to move on to others.  On a related note, it’s been great to see all items that people from all across the country have sent to Newtown.

I don’t want to forget the other staff at the school and the first responders.  I have had to keep myself from envisioning what they saw as they ran and walked through the halls and classrooms.  I would imagine that the typical first responder in the past may have seen one or two dead bodies at a time.  Here you have over two dozen bodies, add to that twenty little children, add to that twenty little children gunned down with up to multiple shots.  How does a first responder handle that, let alone a teacher or staff member?

I have to stop now, the imagery is more than I care to handle at this time.

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