Gaseous Expulsion

Can we please get a break from the election time bullshit?  Mr. Obama, gee – thanks a lot for your asking Congress to look into gas price manipulation at this very convenient time .  For quite some time now gas prices have been at twice the price of what they were when you first took office.  Why all the concern now?  The fools will never know, right?  Sadly, many will not, so perhaps you’ll get away with this.

Seems funny to me, also, that virtually no one even brings your name or administration into the conversation when discussing gas prices.  Bush seemed to get the daily beating.  Granted, Americans have gotten used to much higher gas prices, but this polar shift in the blame game is quite blatant.  But of course there is no bias in the media as we all know.  In the rare instance when you are are asked about it, you crack some joke about people driving around in SUVs and give no real answer.  Your responses are as priceless as Gingrich saying he would have gas at $2.50/gal if he were in office.

I, for one, am all for higher gas prices, specifically by raising taxes on it – so I’ve got no dog in this fight.  It’s ridiculous that the federal gas tax has not risen at all since 1993.  We have crumbling roads and other infrastructure and yet we haven’t raised the federal gas tax in nearly two decades?  Can I get a big, solid “WTF?!” on that one, please?  Just remember, my fellow Americans, both sides would rather have shitty, crumbling roads and bridges than risk “their team losing the game” by raising valid, important taxes like the federal gas tax.

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