Pay Up $ucker

So this is all how it went down, right?

The big bad banks were bailed out.  It wasn’t for the banks’ sake, it was for the “system” – keeping it afloat – and really for you, the people.  Sure, the people still suffer.  But the government looks good because it saved the system, right?  It wasn’t their intention to just bail out bank execs (wink wink).

Our knights-in-shining-armor politicians bring the big bad banks to the roundtable.  They scold them and suggest that they change their ways.  The banks boldly proclaim, laughing, “not gonna happen.”  Well, the government tried and looked good doing this, didn’t they?  See what we do for you America (wink wink)?

So the knight takes it one step further.  Now the iron fist is brought down.  Laws are passed and bank fees are capped.  A victory for the people!  But alas, the banks simply start charging fees for other things to make up the lost revenue.   Oh, my, how could this have slipped by (wink wink)?  The mighty knight Durbin damns the banks for the  fees, oh how he fights for the people (wink wink)!

So when exactly does the good cop/bad cop shit end with these two juggernauts?  When everyone wakes up to the obvious?  I welcome you, America, to the W2C – the Washington/Wall Street Complex.

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