Mother Bird Upchucks

We’ve heard it before, Mr. Obama.  Your tone of voice has not changed, that is exactly what I was looking for.  I don’t give a shit about the content of your speeches anymore, as they are the same verbal regurgitation and cliches time after time.  You want to spend another half trillion dollars to blah blah blah.

The only time that I believe your tone to have changed was the “shellacking” monologue.

I turn back the clock, I look at what I and so many others said would and would not happen, what would not work and we were right.  Time after time.   Oh, how I kid myself and keep thinking that you’re just ignorant to everything.  But you know what you’re doing, you know who benefits from all this.  How I wish day after day that that was not the case, how I wish you were just ignorant.  But time after time I see you throw punches at the middle class, the meat of America.  I just don’t understand it – from you, your predecessors or those forthcoming.  Why are we such a target, a parasite’s host, a punching bag?

I am developing thought experiment #2.  It’s America’s salvation as seen from a middle class dope who isn’t doing so bad himself but vicariously feels the pain, agony, desertion and desperation of the middle class that is supporting the rich and the poor.  It will be  a high-level, simpleton view without much detail but it is 100% genuine in its foundation and goals.  It is compromised of ideals which no one in our federal government has the courage to pursue.  It is what we deserve.

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