Making History

For the first time in history the United States’ credit rating has been downgraded.  Our politicians and banks continue to do to us what Osama bin Laden wanted to do but failed to do, how incredibly fucked up is that?  What, WHAT does this say about them?  These asshole politicians are so concerned about their team winning that they go so far as to forsake all common sense.  What is so fucking hard about cutting spending in our government?  Cut the pork.  Stop the misappropriations.  Put qualifications on the entitlements.  End the wars that no longer have any purpose.

Remember what the energy and telecommunications giants did to our 401k nest eggs a decade ago?  Remember what the big banks did to our nest eggs three years ago?  Remember how the government “scolded” these industries?  Let’s see if it ends up on Monday that the government has not managed to do the very same thing to us.

Today, I am proud ashamed to be an American.  Taking one “for the team.”  Being destroyed from within.


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