Common Sense Rears Its Ugly Head

I don’t know all of what they discussed at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, but they got one thing right.  In a nutshell, they said we should quit spending money on our now purposeless wars and redirect it to domestic priorities.   Someone will certainly pay for this brash display of common sense.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re done in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There is no longer a reason for us to be there.  Neither our forces nor our money should be appropriated for rebuilding.  The mayors said that $126 billion per year is being spent on these wars.  Check out this quote from the conference:

“That we would build bridges in Baghdad and Kandahar and not Baltimore and Kansas City, absolutely boggles the mind.”

Is that not the truth or what?  We have collapsing bridges, crumbling roads and leaking plumbing in our nuclear power plants.  It’s true that Mr. Obama threw us a line of bullshit when he spoke of “shovel ready jobs” when selling his stimulus plan to us  (later laughing at that very phrase and the American people as he spoke of it again).  Imagine how that might have been different if we had more money and politicians with courage to get things done.

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